Thursday, August 30, 2007

College is great, the Pratt campus is like a little safe, warm place, if I wanted to I could just hole up on campus and pretend I was in Boston or something.
So far I've had a lot of cool classes, some, like 3-D design, I don't quite get, but art history and drawing are amazing, I'm actually looking forward to the next classes(how long will that last...)

This evening when I was running(I started cross country, by the way) we went to the ocean and I saw the whole Manhattan sky line, statue of liberty and all, it was gorgeous, water all sparkly, so pretty, kind of like something in a movie.

So I was thinking, almost all the girls in our family are in college right now, we should all do updates on our college experiences, on-line, as senior, as a freshmen, working in labs all the time... whatever.

Tomorrow I have a 4-D class, so maybe I'll be making some videos I can put up here.

That's a little run through on my NY college life so far, and hopefully I'll still like it when the homework starts to come in.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wonderful Visit

Our eight days with Gwen, Matt, Matthew and Markie (the one with the curly locks) were wonderful, full of fun, and way too short. We are all sort of shlumping around here now, missing everyone terribly...looking for good books to find consolation in, Ben has dived into Roald Dahl and I of course am looking to Dorothy Sayers. Oh and I am taking apart some of the no longer sea-worthy craft in the back yard. I am getting pretty handy with the drill going backwards. Mom

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Clay Review Regatta First Heat

The Clay Review Regatta Second Heat

The Greatest Team of the Regatta

was of course, The Pirates

The Clay Review Games and Gala Agenda

11:00 am Opening Ceremonies

11:05 am Refreshments

11:30 am Diving Contest

11:45 am Underwater Distance Feats

12:00 pm Luncheon

12:30 pm Parade

12:40 pm Oratory and Performance

12:45 pm Refreshments

12:55 pm Last Bets

1:00 pm The Grand Regatta

1:25 pm Refreshments

1:30 pm Naval Engagement and Battle

1:45 pm Dramatic Shipwreck, Speeches

2:00 pm Refreshments

2:10 pm Salvage Competition

2:30 pm Mixer and cocktails

2:40 pm Award Ceremonies

3:00 pm Laudatory Speeches

3:20 pm Refreshments

3:30 pm The Grand Finale


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Employment Opportunities

Available positions:

-Disc Jockey
-Life Guard
-Press corp/photographer
-Brute Squad
-Joust Coordinator
-Dog wrangler
-Fortune teller/phrenologist
-Technical support
-Speech writer
-Juggler/fire breather
-Animal tamer
-Literary consultant
-Salvage operations

Some positions may have multiple openings. Candidates should forward C. V.'s to the management for consideration. All remuneration shall be intangible, edible, or nominal.

Official Teams

1) Matt and Ben - The Marauders

2) Gwen, Rosie, and Matthew - The Pirates

3) Bredon - Electric Powered Shock

4) Dad, Callie and Markie - The Dragons

5) Mom, Sam, and Madie - The Dynamites

N.B. Teams are free to reconfigure, but the management must be notified. All teams must have coat of arms and colors. Additional teams are welcome, contact the management for registration documents.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The First Annual Clay Review Regatta

Engineering challenge:

Teams of two (or three, if the entrants are small) shall build a seaworthy craft from scavenged or household materials of original design for a race and various nautical challenges.


All Materials shall cost less than US 15 $. Teams that require funding support shall email the management for grant proposal forms.

Entries must fit in the pool.

Crafts must carry at least one of the team members (the other member may assist at launch or in rescue operations.)

No solid fuel rockets, gasoline motors, or commercial lawn equipment are to be used for propulsion. Sails, windmills, and original propulsion designs are acceptable.

Entries should be shrouded in all possible secrecy.

All participants shall prepare succinct acceptance speeches.

Entrants must have elaborate team uniforms or otherwise appropriate competitive garb.

Bonus points shall be awarded for the following:

Extra passengers or remarkable cargo.

Pleasing design.

Creative materials.


Clever literary references.

Monumental design.

Dramatic or romantic shipwreck.

Other considerations that may please the Judges.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Previewing the First Annual Clay Review Games and Gala

The First Annual Clay Review Games and Gala

to be held in Dixon on Saturday, August the eleventh, 2007

featuring refreshments, performances, games, tourneys, parade, and an engineering competition for the Clay Review Cup

Teams and Details to be Announced

Enthusiastic Entrants Encouraged

Substantial Prizes to be Announced