Monday, January 28, 2008

Ear Candles

Okay, so they were selling these things called 'ear candles' at Cornucopia, and I decided to try them. They're supposed to suck the fluids and excess ear wax out of your ears.

I look like a birthday cake.

Here's all the wax that came out of one of my ears.

Cool, eh?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So you people are going to have to read this from the bottom to top. Cause I couldn't figure out how to switch it up. Don't cheat!
(wow this turned out to be sorta long...)

back to my usual occupations....

Oh and thanks for the chili beans!

Bye bus, and see ya dad!

"Sayonara Rosie."

Where are we...?

Represent! Wooot! Morgan to the Stanley.
I like the enomous hersheys bar in the'd feed a crowd ya'll.

Sandwhiches! "It's like a cow with cracker on either side!"

That yellow M was blinking like crazy!

hey, it's the solution.

Times. Square. !

Window shoppin'.

Wow, it's the marble people! and they're photographing us!

Dad tried some fancy shootin'. A little more effectively.

He's sick of pictures, but there is no escape!

look, it's two identical towers. dejavu?

I was trying out some fancy shootin'. Looks more like I took a lighter to the back of the picture

Where's goldilocks?

Places to go people. no time to stop for paparazzi!

A looming fence. I was very tempted hop it.

In case you didn't notice in the last shot, here's a closer look at the flying wolves. yeah, pretty cool, unfortunetely the were in the process of installing this piece. but we got a pretty good look from the above stories, including several large heaps of the stiff legged canines, waitin' to fly!


I pulled out my camera in the subway. All I needed to look more like a tourist was one of those
I LOVE NY!! t's

Dad came out today, yay! And guess what he brought? My abandoned camera! I subsequently spent the rest of the day taking pictures as we explored Mannhatten.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


What can I add to the images? Once again we are under a foot of snow, and it is beautiful. Below zero too. Are you ready for this Gwen and Matt?

Monday, January 21, 2008


So, our assignment was to do a sculpture interpretation of a cubist painting. I did Nude Descending a Staircase by Duchamp.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Definitions

From this evening's Dictionary game with Ben, Sam, Mom and Dad. Guess the correct definitions (spelling occasionally corrected). There may be political storms raging and a recession in the offing, but we know what is important here at the Clay Review.


1. the scientific study of elections

2. study of fakers

3. the first ways of how to use a boat which many people believe was made by Poseidon

4. if someone pollutes the sea too much and it turns acid green.

5. the study of toilet flushing mechanisms

6. the art of seafaring


1. a chinese dragon that symbolizes famine and war

2. younger brother of Thor in Norse mythology

3. seaman's term for "way over there," as in "thar she blows!"

4. structural beams for Roman bridges composed of many layers of limestone block

5. a great glass wall

6. the Indian name of the egg of the great golden eagle

7 a great Indian in Pakistan or India


1. a type of fungi that grows fast up cave walls and eats into eggs of birds.

2. electrons that are going through living cells.

3. a lightning bolt


1. very fancy french glasses

2. a slope tht runs downward from a fortification

3. an acid that they use to melt metals


1. the process of mapping internal tree sap transportation using an ultrasound scanner

2. the art of making engravings in wood

3. a printing method executed by striking rectangular blocks with impressions

4. a habit of using a xylograph


1. any of various strongly basic proteins of relativly low molecular weight

2. to pull, force, or move by violent twisting or shaking

3. a building block of amino acids

4. a big wall of glass made by melting two acids and sand together

Friday, January 04, 2008

100 things we didn't know last year

BBC News has compiled a list of 100 interesting facts taken from news stories over the past year.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Something good from the NewYorker this week

In an article on reading the New Yorker had a great quote from Proust. Ruskin compared reading to conversation with the wise and noble..Proust countered, "that it was much better than that. To read is to receive communication with another way of thinking all the while remaining alone, that is, while continuing to enjoy the intellectual power that one has in solitude and that converstaion dissipates immediately." That says it exactly.