Thursday, August 30, 2007

College is great, the Pratt campus is like a little safe, warm place, if I wanted to I could just hole up on campus and pretend I was in Boston or something.
So far I've had a lot of cool classes, some, like 3-D design, I don't quite get, but art history and drawing are amazing, I'm actually looking forward to the next classes(how long will that last...)

This evening when I was running(I started cross country, by the way) we went to the ocean and I saw the whole Manhattan sky line, statue of liberty and all, it was gorgeous, water all sparkly, so pretty, kind of like something in a movie.

So I was thinking, almost all the girls in our family are in college right now, we should all do updates on our college experiences, on-line, as senior, as a freshmen, working in labs all the time... whatever.

Tomorrow I have a 4-D class, so maybe I'll be making some videos I can put up here.

That's a little run through on my NY college life so far, and hopefully I'll still like it when the homework starts to come in.


Blogger falcons said...

Small and cozy like Boston? I guess Boston is small and cozy compared to NYC. But when I think small and cozy, I think Delta or someplace like that!

The run sounds beautiful, where were you? Were you at the Brooklyn Bridge?

College postings sound like a very good idea, I guess all Clay (Mark's-as Gramma Clay would say) women are in college except for Calllie who could post her impressions of H. School....

6:12 AM  
Blogger gwen said...

sounds wonderful.

5:01 PM  

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