Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thank you so much guys! I miss you all. The gifts were a big hit! after matthew opened the spiderman action figure, he didn't want to open anything else until he got some string for a web. I was very excited about the books and cds. marky loved all the wrapping paper strings..... The boys loved the play food very much. Matt about died with the chefs knives - he has been eyeing those very knives with longing for some time and he bragged to his brother about them..... I'm reading the tom pynchon book TOMORROW! Everything was perfect, guys! thanks! You must come and visit soooooon. (This is a very walker-y post, I had to restrain myself from adding a few hundred more exclamation points!!!)

look at what I got for christmas - a camera!


Blogger gwen said...

PS: our house is now a veritable fortress....

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