Thursday, January 04, 2007

Post Christmas

Everyone........Oh, Gwen...Matt...We loved our gifts! Thankyou so much. Ben and Sam have not stopped playing with the Hero Scape, expansion pack included. I nudged it on accident with my foot the other day and was informed that I had ruined a day and a half's worth of work. I have started the Great Books course #2...#1 we do not have...It begins with Job and Aesycles (sp?) I needed to stop living only with Nero Wolfe...I am reading those in order but I will read through these classics as well. I will keep the blog updated as to my progress or lack thereof. I'm getting jealous of my older kids...Rosie is reading Plato and Madie is reading Kant, guess who I am more jealous of. Callie's writing assignment today....Alfred the Great, Who is he and why is he so great? Any suggestion for fun essays and wtriting ideas would be greatly appreciated.

We saw The Pursuit of happyness...It would be more aptly titled The Pursuit of Riches and Success. Though i myust say being homeless makes that a single minded goal...I was just taken aback by the assumption that happiness=success. Will Smith was wonderfully engaging, very few people (maybe Tom Hanks, Jimmy Stewaqrt can be born in every frame of a movie and narrating it as well. Affable guys seem to fit that bill.


Blogger gwen said...

reading through nero wolfe in order, eh? sounds like fun... I wish I had a gardener that lived on the roof.

11:29 PM  
Blogger gwen said...

who is Alfred the great? And why was he so great?

11:18 AM  

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