Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving morning

The counters are lined with pies, seven of them that Rosie and I made yesterday afternoon between her double shift at Arthurs. Madeleine made 4 loaves of her famous cranberry bread and a beautiful lemon merengue pie...that one I am definately going to get a piece of. A half finished Monopoly game is in the school room, Sam and I might get back to it this morning...perhaps not. Dad and I are up, everyone else is happily asleep. I'm looking forward most of all to the pace of this day, slow, unhurried, some demands but not too many. We are going to the Davises for dinner and a long day of the Thankful game...and other amusements. I will be recording the results on a later posting. Gwen we may call you for at least one addition (to the Tthankflns*)and Matt, Matthew and Mark, we might even ask for a contribution from you! If you hate the idea please let me know by 3:00 Central time.

I finished Anne Frank. It brings horrifying events (like genoside) out of the realm of statistics and grand tragedy to one person, two families. So much worse, so much harder to take.

*Typcl Mm abbrvtttin



Blogger gwen said...

I want cranberry bread! But matt used the cranberries for sauce. And only granny really loved it, anyway, besides me.

1:10 PM  

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