Tuesday, November 21, 2006

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Rosie just helped me to get into a position where I can write on this group photo album- diary- editorial page. It seemed to be a very complicated process. Ben and Sam are tucked into their wonderful cosy beds, that is the one thing I miss most about childhood, the tucking in ritual. They have their favorite stuffed animals with their nick-names and their powers (computer games seem to penetrate every aspect of their imaginary life)...and their blankets just so, prayers are said, and they are ready for sleep. The rest of us are finding our posts, Mark asleep already with a book on his face and his reading light still on, when I turn it off he will shudder and then go back to sleep. Rosie is cleaning up after her painting project, Callie is in bed with a book and some music very close to her ear turned way down because someone stole her head-phones. Bredon is beating some new game upstairs, some things never change. Madeleine is sleeping covered with an unimaginable amount of blankets-our house is cold in winter! I am reading "The Diary of Anne Frank" I've never read it before, what an amazing combination of the banal and the horrifying. I'll write more about it when I am done...it may be as much as a week from now as I am only reading in stolen moments which are few and far between.



Blogger gwen said...

I am AMAZED, that you got on here mom. Your description of the house at bedtime makes me homesick.

12:35 AM  

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