Saturday, October 27, 2007


Congratulations Rosie on your 3rd place finish at the Cross Country final race! and...congratulations to Pratt for the championship! We are all so happy for you!
Madeleine, we are all so glad that you are better! I so missed the smile in your voice on the phone.
By the way, we are having a very fun birthday celebration day here for Samuel Clay who turns over into the two digits tomorrow! He is reveling in the birthdayness of it all!
Also, a note. I love the fall, the colors of the trees are continually astounding me this year and we are all looking at our trees waiting for them to show their true (Ok, I won't say it)! We have a gorgeous red maple in the back yard and the two front maples are gold with bits of orange. The cemetary down the road is chock-full of beautiful round gollden brown oaks. Illinois is incredible in the fall.


Blogger rosie said...

I can't wait to come out and walk around dixon again! I miss trees.

11:47 PM  

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