Sunday, September 02, 2007


Dad and I went to the Shakespeare theater for our anniversary yesterday evening and saw Cymbaline. It was one of his last plays and I think that he tried to pull off all his stunts in one great, grand finale. There were brothers in hiding who did not know their true identity. There was an unjust challenge and of course the heroinne spent almost half of the play dressed as a young boy. There was royalty and pomp (even Caesar Augustus was indirectly in the play!)There was a wicked Queen, a befuddled King, a nasty young pretender to the throne and a Deus Ex Machina, and yes, it came down on a wire from the ceiling! It was almost farcical but not quite. The acting was wonderful,the young wicked pretender was hilarious and the heroinne electrified the whole play. We had a vibrant, wonderful time.


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it sounds like a rollicking good time!

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