Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Annual Clay Review Games and Gala Report on Holiday Festivities

Events, Results, and Recognition:

steeds: Matt the elder and Mark the elder
Combatants: Mark the younger, forfeit. Matthew the younger, defeated. Sam, victorious!
(all bets have been settled, remaining scores must be taken up with the management)

All met their demise nobly. Mighty swings were taken by all. Much loot was harvested. The Penelope Pig was far superior to the bust of Batman by popular acclaim.

Tableaux (180 second time limit) in the following categories were presented:
Film adaptation
Heroic Declamation
Musical Endeavours
Scientific Enlightenment
Magic Tricks
Athletic Achievements
Rube Goldberg Machinations

Various valuable prizes of Inestimable value were awarded as follows:

The Most Serious and Monumental Elevated Platonic Prize was awarded to Mark (the Elder)for his grave rendition of Ogden Nash couplets.

The TA Edison Engineering Award for ingenuity was Awarded to the team of Madeleine and John for their elaborate and maniacal mad scientist Rube Goldberg device culminating in a volcanic eruption.

The Holden Caulfield Memorial Aloof Adolescent Award was presented to Callie for her excellent part as a photographer in the Clay Family troupe's stirring rendition of "When Daddy Fell Into The Pond".

The Three Stooges Gag was awarded to Kim Walker and Gwendolyn Clay-Scott for their uproarious presentation of The Knightly Quest for Comedy, Valor, and Tragedy.

The Practical Pig Prosaic Prize was awarded to Samuel for his stirring musical performance.

The Buzz Lightyear Award For Bravery and Style was awarded to Ben and Sam for their heroic lightsaber duel.

The Princess Pony Ballerina Unicorn Tiara was Presented to Gayle Walker for her heart stopping balletic and operatic performance of the highest artistic caliber.

The Brevity Brief was presented to Rosie for her admirable and succinct charade.

The Mr. Mysteriousi Stunt Medal was given to Matthew the younger for his awe inspiring magic tricks and for his silken cape.

The President's Athletic Iron Man Crown was bestowed upon mark the younger for his spirited and sprightly break dancing acrobatics.

A good time was had by all and many noble speeches, feats, and achievements were performed with suitable pomp. The management want to especially recognize the participation of Kim and Gayle for making the evening uproarious.



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Batman rules over the pig!

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